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Scene Release

Download Few Seconds After Air


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about an hour ago our team found an issue in uploadgig which eventually it became problem and finally stopped accepting new files

we reported to owner also to tech admin , they just answered , we are waiting for them to fix it and inform us to enable Uploadgig

My Apology for the Inconveniences – ARIO


UPDATE: (2 hours later)

it seems we can upload to Uploadgig ,at this moment , but they haven’t confirmed that they found the problem or fixed it

The Upload is working and we enabled uploadgig again



Last Update [Final]:

They answered

so , everything is fine

Please forgive us for the Inconveniences

it wasn’t from our side , and Thanks to Uploadgig , now they all fixed


we finally finished the “Migration to new Datacenter’s job” , We just enabled ALL THE DISABLED MODULES , including: Games/Music/Application/Education …

Please accept my sincere Apology for ALL the inconveniences



Rapidgator has issue , we informed them and we are waiting until they fix the upload-related issue , as we informed you , they said they are adding new servers , probabely this is the reason




It’s Getting Worse

P.S. This is RG’s owner’s reply to my email [Alex Rahmanov]


I am working with rapidgator , right from their start months , they always fulfilled their promises and I believe they will add many servers to handle the extreme load in their host

We sincerely Appreciate that rapidgator gave us one the highest storage ever given to any uploader and they never said No to us when we asked for more storage , but their servers are under very heavy load and at peak hours it is causing issue for us

hello , we have to change some stuff in our site to be able to continue with usual coverage [FULL Channel’s Coverage] , we are transfering everything to the new location , of course our address will be the same [ and ]

the fact is our site reached to the point that the old DC Can’t keep us anymore and we need to move to new DataCenter , also change Some elements

But I promise one thing: The new DC will remove almost entire limitations which have been with us from the begining

I will do my best to cause minimum down time , I can’t exactly tell you when site will go down and when will come back but You have my word ,I will use my entire resources to minimize the down time [Goal is zero down time]

Dr. ARIO – Owner


because of the scale of our daily post and because we have obligation to cover so many channel’s programs ,we have used so much of our servers resources and we have reached to the point that webmaster must work on servers to be able to continue as usual

Update: [after about 70 minutes]

We can’t just stop posting , if I wanted to wait for finishing the whole recovery/maintenance , we will miss so many releases

for now we started posting , webmaster is working in background to speed up and optimize the servers and finishes what I asked

but it will take about 1-2 days to finish all the job and return back to the normal !

Please accept my sincere Apology for the inconveniences



I am trying to wake the owner of go4up up ! for long time 😉 to inform him about the issue inside his site but he hasn’t answered my emails (private email and go4up’s official email) /skype PMs

[8 AM – Amsterdam Time]



UPDATE: [Now !]

GO4UP fixed the issue , not only for new links but also for all of old links

of course it’s sunday and go4up is under so heavy overload but we are trying 😉


Single Link’s File Size’s Limit increased to 10,484,711,424 bytes (about 10 GB)

we will use rar ONLY when file is bigger than 10 GB (its about 9.7 GB or so]

we had to use it [for Rapidgator/UL/Uploadrocket…] , but we don’t have such host also Rapidgator finally listened to us and increased single link’s size [while ago]

we updated source code of our platform inside all 5 servers [Scene/P2P/RBG/Newsgroup/IRC] (Direct Link/Torrent/NZB…)

I hope this is what you want too , we truely needed this ,it was really difficult and resource eater !

the first words which I was telling our coders was: PLEASE CONSIDER MY NIGHTMARE ! , RAR

Thank you for your patient


hello Scene Releasians:

in less than a day ,we will Increase Our single Link’s size to 10 GB , so , we will use rar ONLY when a file is above 10 GB

this change will be applied to our platform at tonight GMT

the “Scene Release”


imgaa (the picture hosting which we use) is in the middle of moving to another DC ,  it’s owner says they will move to new DataCenter tonight [GMT]


imgaa will go down soon to start the transfer process to new DataCenter

it will be down during the process [for 10 minutes]

in this period we will use an alternate picture hosting

Viva imgaa 😉