Single Link’s File Size’s Limit increased to 10,484,711,424 bytes (about 10 GB)

we will use rar ONLY when file is bigger than 10 GB (its about 9.7 GB or so]

we had to use it [for Rapidgator/UL/Uploadrocket…] , but we don’t have such host also Rapidgator finally listened to us and increased single link’s size [while ago]

we updated source code of our platform inside all 5 servers [Scene/P2P/RBG/Newsgroup/IRC] (Direct Link/Torrent/NZB…)

I hope this is what you want too , we truely needed this ,it was really difficult and resource eater !

the first words which I was telling our coders was: PLEASE CONSIDER MY NIGHTMARE ! , RAR

Thank you for your patient